Load Cell Summing

Load Cell Summing

Often in industrial applications, a load will need more than one point of contact to lift it. In these cases, it is necessary to use spreader bars, load cells for each lifting point and special monitoring software to interpret the numbers. With all of these components, a Crane Scale Load Cell Summing application can simplify what could potentially be a complicated operation.

The key to custom Load Cell Summing applications from Crane Scale is the software. Our CellScale Virtual Monitor software gathers data from each load cell and, using a multi-line display, allows the operator to choose precisely which parameters to view, such as the total summed load or weights from individual scales.

Load Scale Summing applications are flexible, portable and offer real-time data transfer. Additionally, these systems are completely wireless, meaning there are no cables to tangle during overhead weighing. Wireless operation also enables calibration via RF, saving you time and money. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Load Scale Summing systems increase safety by quickly detecting unbalanced loads and overload situations, and allowing operators to set audible alarms for potentially dangerous scenarios.

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