MSI 9850 Wireless Display

The MSI-9850 RF Digital Indicator is the latest addition to the CellScale product family. Combined with one or more CellScale devices, the MSI-9850 functions as a wireless remote terminal that provides complete control over scale and data functions. Each MSI-9850 can log on to 64 different networks allowing it to serve multiple CellScales and/or MSI Crane Scales with simple one-button network/channel (sensor/scale) changes. All CellScale features are supported, including Inter-Network Radio Messaging, Data Logging, Totalizing and Statistics.

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Capacity Product ID Resolution[?] Headroom[?] Weight  
Capacity Details 1,000,000 lb MSI 9850 1 lb Unknown Unknown Add this Capacity to my quote
Capacity:1,000,000 lb Resolution:1 lb
DWS Part #:MSI 9850

The MSI-9850 features a large primary weight display that is easily read from a distance and an information display to provide network/channel detail. The information display also supports multiple CellScale channels allowing users to display up to 8 simultaneously. With a touch of a button, users can choose which channel to view on the primary weight display. Operation is straightforward through the alphanumeric keypad.

The MSI-9850 can remotely calibrate the CellScale and provides a simple user interface to the advanced features of the CellScale. All calibration data is stored in the CellScale allowing any MSI-9850 to be used with a CellScale based wireless weighing system without recalibration. Enhanced data acquisition, sophisticated data logging, and complete display of multiple sensors / scales can be initiated and managed with the MSI- 9850.

Compact industrial packaging and flexible mounting allows the MSI-9850 to easily integrate with your existing equipment and provide outstanding performance in the most demanding applications. See also specification sheets for MSI-9000, MSI-9020, MSI-9750A, MSI-3750CS and MSI Crane Scales (MSI-6260CS, MSI-9300, MSI-9300HT and MSI-9260) for complete capabilities and networked wireless solutions.



  • Alarm setpoints
  • Integrated wireless sensors


  • Extreme environments
  • Frequent weighing
  • Improve data collection
  • Maximize process efficiency
  • Production control


  • Power: 85-265 VAC

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