MSI 9750A

The 9750a is a powerfull handheld wireless display that can connect to a single or crane scale or be an intricate part of a cell scale network. The multiline display and full keypad allow for operator prompting and entry.

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Capacity Product ID Resolution[?] Headroom[?] Weight  
Capacity Details 1,000,000 lb MSI9750a 1 lb see scalein 2.2 lb Add this Capacity to my quote
Capacity:1,000,000 lb Resolution:1 lb
Product Name:MSI 9750a
Headroom Loss in Inches:see scale Weight with Attachments in Lbs:2.2 lb
DWS Part #:MSI9750a Manufacturer Part #:9750a

This RF display is capabable of connecting upto 64 differant scales, and upto to 8 at the same time. It runs on a NiMH rechargeable battery. Stores Time and Date to assign to data entry

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