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Load Cell Overview

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Load cells and load pins from Cranescale.com are designed to be integrated into lifting or pulling systems using shackles, or to replace existing load bearing pins. While standard solutions are available, most are fully customized by trained Cranescale.com professionals to suit your unique specifications. Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions, or read on to learn about some of our stock models.

Device Features

  • Integrated wireless sensors,
  • Custom sizes,
  • Single or multiple point.

Load Cell Products

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View capacities for MSI Load Pin

MSI Load Pin

Integrate a weighing senor into your crane without loss of headroom.


  • 1 Model supporting 1,000,000 lb
  • Custom configurations
  • Custom sizes
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View capacities for  Eilon  Ron 4000

Eilon Ron 4000

The RON 4000 is a load cell with built-in analog amplifier.


  • 5 Models supporting up to 11,023.11 lb
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fixed or portable
  • Use standard shackles 
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